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GDPR Compliance

GDPR isn’t a choice, it’s the law. Your organization must implement policies and procedures, produce mandatory reporting, and provide evidence of ongoing issues detection and remediation to secure your computer networks. It’s confusing, tedious, and time consuming. Why take time away from your business to learn about compliance when we have the expertise to do the heavy lifting for you?  

  • Providing services to ensure ongoing compliance.

  • Producing all required reporting and documentation.

  • Implementing a stringent technical framework.

  • Utilizing trusted and tested tools.


We will review your current data security policies, work closely with you to restructure them to align with GDPR, and provide ongoing services to keep your business on track to remain in compliance. Our team utilizes cutting-edge Compliance Process Automation software, Audit Guru for GDPR™, to detect potential computer issues before they cause a breach of your network and violation of GDPR.

Compliance is about mandatory reporting

If your organization is subject to an audit, you will be asked to produce a set of reports that document your efforts to comply with GDPR. These reports include Policies and Procedures, Risk Assessments, and supporting evidence of compliance. We make sure this documentation is accurate and up-to-date.

Compliance is also an ongoing process

Good reporting alone isn’t enough. Compliance is an ongoing process to detect and remediate network issues as they arise.  We regularly review the results of the Audit Guru scans and fix any compliance related problems that the software uncovers.

  1. Automate the compliance process.

  2. Provide mandatory compliance reports that will satisfy the requirements of an audit.

  3. Organize your documentation in a custom online portal.

  4. Remediate compliance related network issues on an ongoing basis.

Create detailed, supporting “evidence of compliance” that document all remediation activities

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